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A Top Quality Driveway Made To Exactly Your Own Spec

D&C Paveright, with over 25 years experience in the landscaping and paving business, previously knowed as Paveright, is a reference point for professionals in the field, combining experience and continuous improvement, always being one of the most innovative companies on the market, offering its clients creative, practical and ingenious solutions.

At D&C Paveright we design, supply and install all types of paving. All our teams are highly experienced in their trade and we carry out paving contracts across Leinster of all sizes. From large scale housing developments to bespoke, individual patios and driveways, we can create the ideal paved area for your home or commercial project.

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The company wants to offer its customers quality products at competitive prices, to the employees the best possible remuneration, to the collaborators the guarantee of respecting the commitments made and also wants to participate in the economic growth of the area, thus contributing to the creation of new regional economic links.


Free Consolation

Professionalism and responsibility towards customers, employees and shareholders: represents the major objective of the company in order to ensure long-term success;

Customer orientation: the activity is oriented towards the customer, his needs, respecting the market requirements, the company relying on professionalism, innovative ideas and a competitive pricing policy;

Human resources development: in order to achieve the company’s objectives, a special emphasis is placed on competent employees and managers, oriented towards success and permanent achievements;

Close partnerships with suppliers: to maintain the high quality standards that customers are used to.

Respect for the environment, safety and safety at work: the company is aware of the responsibility towards the environment and the role it has in social and business environments. As an employer, the organization is permanently concerned with the safety and protection of health for all employees, regarding all the aspects contained in their work.


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Currently, the company has 68 employees, of which: Management staff two persons, administrative one person, operative staff 65 persons.


Delivery & Install

Darren Delaney – Director 
Cosmin Ovidiu Chiș – Director


After Care

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Paving Team

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Elen Benitez
Elen BenitezPaving Master
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Ivan Mathews
Ivan MathewsPaving Master
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Rose Hernandez
Rose HernandezPaving Master
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